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The best window replacement contractor should know how to measure the amount of heat lose caused by the window. It is because when the window is properly insulated, then it will result to low U value that is also energy efficient. Otherwise, if the U value is higher it only shows that you need to replace the window the soonest possible time.
On the other hand, the solar heat passing through the windowpane is measured through solar heat gain. The ideal solar heat gain depends on the area where the window is situated. During colder climate, it is preferred to have higher solar heat gain so that the solar heat will provide partial heat inside the room. In addition, the air infiltration pertains to the amount of air that passes through the window frame. According to Glass Experts & window replacement, it is ideal to obtain lower value of air infiltration factor. That is why, if you notice that your window is drafty, you should expect that it is not anymore energy efficient because of higher value of air infiltration.